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The main control unit, located in the top part of the motor, with an integrated inverter makes it possible to accurately control the speed of the motor through digital adjustment of the motor frequency. With frequency control up to 120Hz, not only can you set maximum speed and low speed but also acceleration and deceleration, thus meaning the inverter becomes a functional tool to achieve gate safety compliance.

Oil-lubricated gears, with the virtual encoder and inverter control, allow for reduced mechanical wear of components and extended product life span. These combined features represent the ideal solution in contexts characterised by ‘intensive use’.

This motor is specified for gates up to 1700kg in weight and with an 805 duty cycle, it is perfect for most commercial applications.

  •  Adjustable speed from 10 to 24 m/min according to gate weight
  •  Safety sensor that stops motor power supply if the lid is removed for maintenance
  •  Metal release lever
  •  512 transmitters can be stored in the separate plug-in receiver that is supplied (ONE.2WI)
  •  Personalised manual release key
  •  Foundation plate and anchor bolts included

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