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ASO Resistive Gate Safety Edge SKL15-10

Resistive Gate Safety Edge Explained.

Hinged Protection – Resistive Safety Edge by ASO 8k2 has a switching chamber with a 4mm gap integrated into the rubber profile.

(End) Resistive Safety Edge with 8.2kΩ resistor.
This is used at the end of the line and has an 8.2kΩ resistor integrated into the plug end. The other end the plug is pre-wired with a 2 core 2.5m rubberised cable. End caps cover the plugs.
Note – Generally if wiring directly into a control board with an 8.2kΩ input you would use only one of these and the others would be “line or through edges” in series, however, you can use multiple End Resistive Edges with 8.2kΩ resistors when using a safety edge monitor like the IRFC4/D

(Line) Resistive Gate Safety Edge without 8.2kΩ resistor.
This is used in a line of safety edges that terminates with a end resistive edge that contains an 8.2kΩ resistor. This type has a pre-wired plug with a 2 core 2.5m rubberised cable on both ends. End caps cover the plugs.
Note – This edge can only be used in a line of edges that terminates in an end type edge.

A resistive safety edge connects to electronics (control board with 8.2kΩ or safety monitor) that reads the 8.2kΩ resistance. When the edge is pressed the two conductive edges come together and create a short, this alters the resistance, the electronics can read this and then output a N/C normally closed signal to the gate control board.

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SKL15-10 1.0m – End Edge£106.00 ex VAT
SKL15-10 1.0m – Through/Line Edge£106.00 ex VAT
SKL15-10 1.5m – End Edge£128.00 ex VAT
SKL15-10 1.5m – Through/Line Edge£128.00 ex VAT
SKL15-10 2.0m – End Edge£150.00 ex VAT
SKL15-10 2.0m – Through/Line Edge£150.00 ex VAT
SKL15-10 2.5m – End Edge£169.00 ex VAT
SKL15-10 2.5m – Through/Line Edge£169.00 ex VAT
SKL15-10 3.0m – End Edge£191.00 ex VAT
SKL15-10 3.0m – Through/Line Edge£191.00 ex VAT
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